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MN Lash Tech Blog for lash artists in the Midwest

Welcome to My Blog! MN Lash Tech Blog! Woohoo!

Welcome Minnesota lash artists, both new and seasoned! (and you folks too in the upper midwest)

As a Minnesota licensed educator, I LOVE LOVE LOVE, to nerd out about all things lashes. I love teaching the craft of eyelash extension application, I love answering questions of budding stylists that are soaking up lash knowledge, I love learning about lash things myself too. I love trying new lash products, I love sharing what I know and what I learn, I love helping you build a career in lashing that you are proud of, I love plants and incorporating sustainability practices into lashing.

And I love standing for our rights to party. Ahem, I mean, for our rights to lash legally in the American midwest.

Here in these blogs and videos, I share all the nitty gritty beauty bits. Everything I know, everything we will learn together, and the future stuff that hasn't even occurred yet.


In my years in the eyelash beauty industry I have personally seen the evolution of regulation. From the wild-west days of zero regulation to the growth of some quality standardization. We loosely stand today where each state varies in licensing requirement from none to some.

Here in Minnesota, a license is required in order to perform eyelash extension services (and licenses are required for other eyelash services too). Plenty more on that stuff in other articles. That license is called the "Eyelash Extension Technician License". Hence the name, MN Lash Tech.

Add a Closing Message

I love being a lash nerd and sharing the lash love. I'm here for it. I'm here for you.

If you have a question on lashing in Minnesota or the midwest, then you are in the right place.

Stay tuned, subscribe for new articles, reach out or leave a comment for any questions that you have. Are YOU in?!

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