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Meet Lynn

Meet Lynn Carver Schuster, a licensed Cosmetologist specializing in eyelash & and eyebrow services since 2008. She is a state-licensed instructor, multi-certified stylist, the only certified educator for Beautiful Brows and Lashes lash lift and brow lamination in the mid-west, and the visionary Founder of ECHO Lash & Brow. Lynn is on a mission to redefine beauty with a commitment to natural elegance and sustainable practices.

Artistry in Simplicity:

At ECHO Lash & Brow, Lynn goes beyond beauty – she's an advocate for the planet. By embracing eco-friendly techniques and products, Lynn not only enhances your natural features but also contributes to the well-being of our environment. Experience beauty that is both exquisite and environmentally conscious.

Educator, Innovator, and Advocate:

Lynn extends her impact beyond individual services as a licensed instructor.  As a licensed instructor, she shares her passion and knowledge, influencing the next generation of beauty professionals. She educates upcoming licensees at Cosmetology and Esthetics schools and offers continued education courses for professionals at associations and institutions. Her students benefit not only from her practical experience but also from her commitment to safety, artistry, and restorative practices.


Lynn proudly serves as a board member of the Salon and Spa Professional Association, actively championing for industry professionals. Her advocacy shapes industry standards and ensures the highest level of education for beauty professionals.

Eco-Chic Beauty:

Join Lynn on a journey where beauty meets consciousness, and every lash is a brushstroke of natural elegance. ECHO Lash & Brow – redefining beauty, one lash at a time.

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