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What is Brow Lamination?

Brow Lamination is also sometimes known as a brow lift, akin to a "lash lift" for your brows. It is a 30-60 minute process immediately giving you fuller looking & shapely brows. The system realigns your hairs into your desired shape. Brow lamination is the perfect solution for asymmetrical brows or brows that need redirection to give shape.

Each brow lamination appointment includes the lift, a brow tinting, and wax/tweeze. Giving you shapely, pigmented, voluminous brows! Results lasting 6-8 weeks.

Brow lamination is not ideal for all brows. There must be brow hairs present to perform the service. Reach out for a free consultation!

What is a Lash Lift?

A lash lift is a process on your natural lashes, without extensions. Think of a lift as a very gentle hair perm for your natural lashes. A lash lift will curl your natural lashes, lasting up to two months! Eliminating the daily routine of curling eyelashes.

For best results, a lash tinting is also recommended with the lash lift. A tint will darken the natural lashes, for top and lower lashes. Coupling these together minimizes your makeup routine.

How do I care for my Lash lift & Brow lamination?

Maintenance is super low! For the 48 hours after your service avoid moisture. Keeping your lashes or brows away water or steam baths or mascara.

After this period you may wear makeup and wash your face as normal.

What are Eyelash Extensions?

Eyelash Extensions are made of lightweight, synthetic material that come in a wide variety of lengths, thickness, curl styles, and colors. When a full set is applied, eyelash extensions eliminate the need to wear mascara and use an eyelash curler.

Whiplashes does not use mink fur for extensions. Genuine hair is not aligned with ethical and sanitary ethos in the salon.

What is the difference between Classic and Volume Extensions?

Classic lashes

  1. Thicker than your natural lashes to mimic mascara coated lashes.

  2. Come in various length, curl, thickness to create personalized look.

  3. Can be applied for range of looks, everyday beautiful - glamorous.

  4. Applied 1 extension per 1 natural lash.

Volume lashes

  1. Lightweight extensions applied using multiple fibers in a fan shape on a single isolated natural lash. Builds a soft, density.

  2. Less adhesive, less weight than classics.

  3. These synthetic lashes are a fraction of the width of classic extensions. Making this an ideal choice for those with fragile natural lashes. But great for anyone!

  4. Come in various lengths, curls. Build looks from natural to lush dramatic.

Hybrid lashes

  1. Mix of extension techniques. Best of all worlds.

  2. Get density and fluttery lashes.

  3. Using multiple techniques to give texture to the set of lashes.

How are the extensions applied?

Each natural lash is isolated to have only one single extension bond. One strand extension for classic application and custom made 2-5 strand bundle for hybrid and volume applications.

Each extension applied is expertly chosen for the length, weight, diameter, and curl; suited for each of your natural lashes being extended. Careful adhesives with low fume for sensitive eyes. More on adhesives below.

How do I care for my Eyelash Extensions?


  1. Allow 24 hours after each application to avoid moisture.

  2. Cleanse daily to remove makeup and build up from lashes & base.

  3. Avoid rubbing, picking.

  4. Brush through daily with spoolie wand.

  5. Use only approved products available to remove makeup and cleanse and condition lashes.


  1. Saunas and steam rooms will loosen curl and weaken bond.

  2. Avoid oil based products and excessive sweating. Oils will weaken the adhesive bond.

  3. Do not use oil based skin care products, cream shadows, oil based eyeliner, waterproof makeup.

  4. Do not use mechanical eyelash curlers.

  5. Mascara significantly shortens the life of extensions. There are other suitable cosmetic options.

What is involved in Eyelash Extension maintenance?

Full sets are beautiful. A one and done set can be an option for a special occasion. For those wanting to keep their lashes on consistently, good news! With proper care, lash extensions can be worn for years and years!

Maintain lash fullness with fill appointments, every 2-3 weeks. During the weeks between appointments your natural lashes will have grown and some have shed. Extensions being attached to your natural lash will have shed along with them.

We will "fill in" extensions that have grown and shed. Fill appointments take one hour. We affectionately call this the lash nap.

If your extensions have shed excessively, less than 5 remaining per eye, a full set will need to be applied. Not a fill appointment.

When should I book my next fill?

Extensions will shed along with your natural lashes. At all times your lashes are in multiple phases of the natural growth cycle. Babies growing in, mature lashes shedding out. With proper maintenance and routine fills, you can wear extensions for years.

  1. Recommended fills 2-3 weeks.

  2. Proper care and maintenance will extend the longevity of your extensions.

  3. If excessive loss of extensions, less than 5 remaining per eye, a new full set will need to be applied- not a fill.

What should I expect as a first time client?

Arrive with clean lashes free of mascara. Time spent cleaning your lashes, is time lost working on perfecting your lashes.

We will have a consultation to discuss your lash goals. Creating tailored design just for you.

Then, you are reclined with eyes closed for entire service. Cozy up with a blanket if you wish! Most people fall asleep. For your full set, expect a relaxing experience lasting to 2 or 3 hours, depending on type of set being applied.

Maintaining your extensions with fills, about every 2-3 weeks, is a 1 hour appointment.

Lifts take about 45 minutes for your first time, 30-45 minutes for returning lifts. Add 15 minutes for lash or brow tinting.

Do I need a consultation?

Do you currently have any extensions on from another shop?

Do you have concerns about potential allergic reactions?

Do you have damaged, sparse, fine, broken, gappy, or other special lash or brow situation?

It is best to book a complimentary consultation appointment/ correspondence so your lashes or brows can be properly assessed. With the above circumstances we may not be able to jump in to the service and pick up from the previous application.

Sometimes, extra maintenance is required or a full removal of extensions. We want you to achieve your lash goals and it may not be possible within the time allotted for the original desired service.

By booking your no-charge consultation we can answer all your questions and determine the best path for your lash journey.

**With limited in person appointments. Correspond to discuss solutions to suit you. Email**

Concerns about allergic reaction / irritation?

We use high grade adhesives. Very similar to the kind used as surgical sutures. Although the utmost care is taken to select the highest quality products in the industry, some people are sensitive to adhesives.

If you have known allergies to types of adhesives, glues, acrylics; consult with a technician prior to service. If you have concerns, come in for a patch test and consultation at no charge. The results will be apparent in 48 hours or less.

How do I remove my eyelash extensions?

Please do not attempt to remove any lashes on your own!

If you wish to have your extensions removed seek professional help from your technician. A safe gentile removal is available.

We will not be held liable for any damage that you may cause by trying to remove the eyelash extensions on your own.

Are extensions safe for contact lenses wearers?


It is preferred you remove contacts before services. Bring your contact lens case along. We will have cases and saline available for your use.


Clients should bring contact lens case to remove lens before service. The lash tint includes light flushing with saline, removal of lens is recommended.

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