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Enhancing Your Natural Lashes with Practices

That are Better for You and the Planet!

Look beautiful and feel confident while saving time on your daily routine. Relax in the spa atmosphere and enjoy customized lash & brow beauty treatments at ECHO Lash & Brow.

Come see how sustainable beauty is better for you and for the planet!


Echo specializes in:

customized eyelash extensions  |  conditioning eyelash lifts  |  eyebrow lamination  |  

eyebrow shaping  |  gentle tinting  |  lash repair

Each appointment begins with a consultation to tailor your service to your individual style and goals. Have a special situation? Schedule a free phone or video consult!

How we are different

Reducing Plastic 

Eco-swaps for product containers, packaging, and shipments. Using metal and sustainable wood/paper rather than plastic. Even things like compostable "trash" bags!  

Water-Way Safe Disinfectants

We use hospital grade disinfectant that is EPA approved. Best of all it is safe

for our water supply &

drainage systems.

Compostable Products 

Items go into compost bin or recycling, which reduces our landfill waste. You may be surprised by how much "garbage" is actually compostable!

Donations to Wildlife

There are so many plastic mascara wands in the world. When you're finished with them, give them to us! ECHO collects them for Wands for Wildlife. An organization saving refuge animals.

Quality Ingredients

Sourcing ingredients and sustainably conscious companies is studious. The results are clean, healthy, low impact, better for you and better for the planet.

Community Sourced 

Find unique small batch gifts in the ECHO shop, in store & online. Gifts made right here in MN! Uplifting our community, especially local small business, is incredibly important. <3 

What folks are saying...


"Loved my visits in this beautiful studio with the warm and knowledgeable Lynn. After my lash appointment I felt more effortlessly beautiful, and spend less time on my morning routine. Highly recommend~"

— R.G., Guest


"Lynn did an amazing job and the whole experience and space is very relaxing, comfortable and very very clean. I’ll definitely be back again and I’m glad I tried it! She is also just so pleasant and professional."

— M.J., Guest

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