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Sustainable Beauty

ECHO Lash & Brow - is an eco friendly salon in Minneapolis. 

Services offered include  - healthy lash lift - eyelash extensions ~ eyebrow henna ~ eyelash and eyebrow tinting ~ brow shaping ~ eyebrow lamination ~ ~ lower lash extensions ~ gentle removals ~ customized treatments


The warmth and relaxing spa atmosphere is apparent as soon as you step foot in the salon. The ethos was created from a love of beautiful eyelash and eyebrow services and a passion for doing right by the Earth and by the community.

ECHO utilizes sustainable products and methods as much as possible, and adding new techniques all the time! Taking pride in selecting the highest quality products made with only the best ingredients from consciousness sources. 


ECHO is the belief that good deeds will reverberate into more good deeds. Like ripples in a pond. 

Look beautiful, be confident, and feel good knowing that your relaxing service is better for you and for the planet! 

Reducing Plastic 

Eco-swaps for product containers, packaging, shipments and the like. Using metal and sustainable wood/ paper rather than plastic.

Including compostable bags!  

Donations to Wildlife

So many plastic mascara wands in the world. When you're finished with them, give them to us! ECHO collects them for Wands for Wildlife. An organization saving refuge animals.

Water-way Safe Disinfectants

We use hospital grade disinfectant that is EPA approved. Best of all it is safe for our water supply and drainage systems.

Quality Ingredients

Sourcing ingredients and sustainably conscious companies is studious. The results are clean, healthy, low impact, better for you and better for the planet.

Compostable products 

Items go into compost bin or recycling, reducing landfill waste. 

You may be surprised by how much "garbage" is actually compostable!

Community Sourced 

Find  unique small batch gifts in the ECHO shop, in store and online. Gifts made right here in Minnesota!

Uplifting our community, especially local small business is incredibly important. <3 

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